Friday, March 1: GHS Panel and Collection Overview

On Friday, March 1, the Georgia Historical Society will host SEA panel “German-Language Migrations and the Early American South in an Atlantic World.” Following the panel the GHS will give a presentation highlighting holdings that would be of particular interest to early Americanists. Attendance at both events is free and open to all conference participants.

From Patrick Erben:

9:30-10:45am: Panel—“German-Language Migrations and the Early American South in an Atlantic World

In the 1730s and 40s, German-speaking immigrants (Moravians, Salzburgers) began to build communities in Savannah and surrounding areas, thriving under the newly established Georgia colony’s religious freedoms and attracted by its initial prohibition against slavery.  This panel seeks to explore various aspects of the frequently overlooked German-language presence in the American South.  Karen Auman and Oliver Scheiding specifically focus on the Salzburger community in Ebenezer, Georgia, its appeal for further immigration by Protestants from Germany, and its ministers’ reports and diaries.  Aaron Fogleman turns his attention to the German slave missions in the Carolina Lowcountry.

10:45-11:30am: Collection Overview, Georgia Historical Society

Following the panel, archivists of the GHS will present our conference attendees with a fascinating overview of their holdings in Georgia colonial history, literature and culture, broadly speaking, while presenting a selection of materials on German immigration and settlement in the area.  The collection overview will highlight some of the more well-known colonial-era treasures housed at the GHS, while introducing research opportunities in more neglected or less well-known collections and materials.

The Society of Early Americanists thanks the Georgia Historical Society for its generosity in hosting these events and opening their facilities for us before its public opening hours.  We especially thank Christy Crisp, Director of Programs, and Lynette Stoudt, Director of Library and Archives.

For more information on the GHS’s collection, see  The GHS is located at 501 Whitaker Street, at the edge of lovely Forsyth Park, on the corner of Whitaker Street and West Gaston Street.  From the Hyatt Regency, you can walk straight down Whitaker Street (circa 15 blocks) or take the DOT ( a free, downtown shuttle bus (get off on East Gaston and walk two blocks to Whitaker).


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