Bibliography: Early American Studies in the Neoliberal University

The following bibliography provides a very short list of materials that address the topic. Panelists welcome further suggestions for the supplemental readings in order to extend the project.

Recommended reading suggested by RT panelists as context for their comments

Berube´, Michael. “My View: What will you do with and English degree? Plenty” @

Delbanco, Andrew. College:  What It Was, Is, and Should Be (Princeton, 2012)

Hill, Rebecca. “Is Resistance Futile?: Cultural Studies at the Zenith of Neoliberalism,” American Quarterly, 64:2 (June, 2012)

Johnson, Will. “Lean Production” @

Kolodny, Annette. “Tenure, Academic Freedom, and the Career I Once Loved,” Academe (2008)

____.  Failing the Future: A Dean Looks at Higher Education (Duke, 1998)

Lorenz, Chris. “If You’re So Smart, Why Are You under Surveillance? Universities, Neoliberalism, and New Public Management,” Critical Inquiry (Spring, 2012)

Supplemental Reading:


Baillie, Caroline, et al, ed. Engineering and Social Justice: In the University and Beyond (Purdue, 2011).

Gelber, Scott M. The University and the People: Envisioning American Higher Education inan Era of Populist Protest (Wisconsin, 2011)

Sperber, Murray. Beer and Circuses: How Big-Time College Sports Has Crippled Undergraduate Education (Henry Holt, 2000).


Bliss, Shepherd. “Practice What You Teach! Free Speech & Leadership at Sonoma State University” @

Desai, Radhika. “Neoliberalism and Cultural Nationalism” @

Kaminer, Ariel. “New Cornell Technology School Tightly Bound to Business” @

Little, Daniel. “Veblen on Universities” @

Radical Teacher #93: Working for Dollars: Studying and Teaching in the Corporate University

Ruccio, David. Several blog postings at his site, “anticap”:

Scott, Debra Leigh. “How Higher Education in the US Was Destroyed in 5 Basic Steps” @


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